The gluten-free food market shows an increasing demand for solutions that enhance nutritional value. BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™ offers a unique combination of protein, fibre, and beneficial fat – all packed in a convenient rapeseed powder that also improves water absorption and handling of the dough.

Apetit’s former Product Development Manager Leticia Valenzuela discusses the gluten-free food market from an experienced food innovator’s perspective:

“Many of the first gluten-free food products about a decade ago were built on empty starches, often at the expense of nutritional quality. Now we are beginning to see the next generation of gluten-free foods that pay more attention to quality, taste, and nutritional characteristics.”

Gain a competitive edge with BlackGrain’s high-quality fibre and protein

According to Valenzuela, the most attractive thing about the plant-based ingredient BlackGrain is that it enhances the nutritional quality of the end product, like a loaf of gluten-free bread.

“Here is what we bring to the table in a gluten-free bakery: a simple way to introduce a tremendous amount of high-quality fibre and protein with a single innovative ingredient,” Valenzuela explains.

Both fibre and protein are important macronutrients that play enormous roles in a healthy diet. BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™ provides plenty of insoluble fibre and all the essential amino acids in a balanced ratio – without compromising on protein content.

Learn how BlackGrain can elevate the fibre profile of your food product and help to achieve the claims “source of fibre” or “high in fibre”.

The rapeseed powder ingredient improves water absorption and helps to keep your gluten-free bread dough moist

BlackGrain combines well with gluten-free baking starches, improves water absorption, and helps to keep the bread dough moist. The slightly coarse texture of the rapeseed powder improves the handling of the dough.

“Unlike many flours and powders, BlackGrain doesn’t have inconvenient electrostatic properties. This means it won’t stick to the sides of your mixing bowl or machine when mixing,” Valenzuela points out.

“In fact, BlackGrain stabilises bread structure – without interfering with how the bread rises. These technical functionalities are a great advantage,” she continues.

Cater for health-conscious consumers with a perfect combination of gluten-free starch and BlackGrain

“Our nutritious rapeseed powder is a perfect marriage with gluten-free bread. It’s delightfully straightforward to create a wholesome loaf of bread with just these two main ingredients: your choice of gluten-free starch and BlackGrain,” Valenzuela says with a smile.

BlackGrain is not only gluten-free, but also vegan, dairy-free, legume-free, GMO-free, and low in FODMAPs. The versatile ingredient also fits many challenging combination diets, such as gluten-free ketogenic. Read more about how BlackGrain matches dietary demands.

In addition to gluten-free bread, BlackGrain is also excellently suited for brown, multigrain, rye, or sourdough bread.