The new BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™ ingredient for easy, tasty, healthy and responsible foods

BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™ is a new plant-based ingredient. The rapeseed powder combines protein, fibres and beneficial fats from rapeseed. It’s a novel food product with a patent pending.

A unique 3-in-1 combination

BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™ is a one-of-a-kind combination of protein, dietary fibre and beneficial fats. It was developed to make food production – and people’s lives – better and simpler.

Why protein?

Proteins are essential macronutrients for human body. They play an essential role both structurally and functionally. Proteins provide indispensable amino acids (also known as essential amino acids) that cannot be synthesised by the body.

BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™ contains

  • 33–43% of plant protein
  • all the essential amino acids in a balanced ratio

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Why fat?

Healthy oils are indispensable in the human diet. Rapeseed is naturally rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. These fatty acids cannot be produced by the body – therefore, they must be obtained from food.

BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™ contains

  • 14–22% of encapsulated rapeseed oil
  • 20–22% of omega-3
  • 9–11% of omega-6

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Why BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™?

The ingredient is suitable for various food applications. These nutritional trends guided our development.

Functional meals
Natural ingredients
Plant proteins rule!
Up with fat – down with sugar
Easy eating
Focus on wellbeing
On the go

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