High nutritional value combined with unique composition and sustainability

BlackGrain from yellow fields™ rapeseed powder is a new, sustainable plant ingredient made from rapeseed that’s high in nutritional value. It is a 3-in-1 ingredient that has the perfect combination of protein, fibre, and oil. Designed to enhance nutrition naturally, the dark brown powder has a mild taste that lends itself to select food applications.

Be a changemaker! The BlackGrain rapeseed powder is an environmentally and nutritionally responsible ingredient that is made using both the protein and fibre from rapeseed. Follow healthy consumer trends and create food products for ‘free-from’ and plant-based diets. It is healthy, nutritious, and sustainable!

Latest news

Novel Food approval process successfully completed!
Novel Food approval process successfully completed!

We are pleased to inform you that BlackGrain from Yellow Fields is approved to be placed on the EU market as of 23.02.2021.

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BLOG | Innovative technology turns rapeseed to food grade level ingredient
BLOG | Innovative technology turns rapeseed to food grade level ingredient

There has never been a product like this in the global food market: The BlackGrain from yellow fields™ is first of its kind. Demand for plant-based ingredients and products is skyrocketing. Rapeseed has all the potential to challenge other plant proteins, such as soy. (Kaisu Riihinen, R&D Manager)

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BLOG | Changing the world and uncovering the secrets of rapeseed
BLOG | Changing the world and uncovering the secrets of rapeseed

Working together with a dream team makes it possible. Changing the world requires everyday actions from all of us. It might seem like a gigantic task, but when you break it into small steps, you’ll be surprised how much one person or a group can do to change the world. (Leticia Valenzuela, Product Development Manager)

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3 tips for food innovators on how to navigate food legislation
3 tips for food innovators on how to navigate food legislation

3 tips for food innovators on how to navigate food legislation. For innovators, food legislation, especially Novel Food regulation, can often seem like a nuisance. However, with the right information and a persistent mindset, you can tackle it with little stress. 3 tips by Kaisu Riihinen, R&D Manager.

Food legislation tips

Responsibility in food production

BlackGrain utilizes oil seed expeller which is a by-product of oil pressing to create a nutritional ingredient ideal for human consumption. This cuts down on waste, reduces food chain length, and contributes to responsible food production. We are located in Finland, the northernmost place for farming in the world. We follow high food safety standards in our agricultural practices, and we have access to clean water.

At Avena, we ensure that we buy high quality seeds, comply with plant protecting agent laws and don’t use GMO.

What is the BlackGrain rapeseed powder ingredient?

Rapeseed powder is a one-of-a-kind combination of protein, dietary fibre, and healthy fats. It was developed to make food production – and people’s lives – better and simpler.

  • BlackGrain from yellow fields™ is a totally new ingredient that can be used to make easy, tasty, healthy and sustainable food.
  • It is a plant-based ingredient that is high in fibre and protein from rapeseed.
  • The coarse and dark brown powder ingredient is suitable for select food applications such as granola bars, bread, or cereals.
  • Thanks to its mild taste, BlackGrain is easy to flavor.
  • It provides high water absorption that can assist in the extrusion process of texturized vegetable proteins (TVP).
  • It mixes well with dry ingredients such as flours for baking crunchy bites and dark breads, or in TVP from peas and fava beans.

Making sustainable and healthy food choices just got easier!

Raw material

  • Rapeseed is full of healthy nutrients such as protein, fiber and fat and essential minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.
  • Rapeseed species Brassica rapa and Brassica napus are mainly cultivated for their high oil content
  • Growing rapeseed has a positive and diversifying effect on crop rotation.
  • This new plant-based ingredient made from rapeseed brings much needed variety to plant-based protein sources as it is gluten free, legume free and low FODMAP.

Sustainable production

  • There is a need for a wider and more sustainable variety of food ingredients in the future with a growing number of people looking for plant-based options to include in their diet.
  • Producing rapeseed powder instead of oil seed expeller is a way to reduce the length of the food chain.
  • We utilise 100% of the  rapeseed, nothing goes to waste.

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