Make your food production simpler and better – try a new, upcycled rapeseed ingredient for forerunners in the food industry. This guide highlights seven proven benefits of adding BlackGrain powder ingredient to your recipes.

Imagine enhancing the nutritional value of your food product with one versatile ingredient! BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™ is an upcycled rapeseed powder ingredient, with all the natural benefits of rapeseed in a unique blend of protein, dietary fibre, and healthy fats.

We boiled down our accumulated practical knowledge of rapeseed as a raw material into an informative guide.

This compact guide answers questions such as:

  • What exactly is rapeseed powder and what are its benefits in food production?
  • How can you utilise rapeseed powder to improve the nutritional value of your recipes?
  • What makes BlackGrain different from isolates and concentrates?

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