People behind BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™

Juha-Pekka Järvinen

Product Development Manager

At Avena we want to make products based on sustainable choices and preserve our natural resources, without compromising the nutritional value. I work as Product Development Manager and I have the opportunity to test our great ingredients in different food applications. My work focuses on product functionalities and a lot of details and challenges that come along with working on something completely new. I am inspired by the innovation of BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™.

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Kaisu Riihinen

Flexibility and networks are our strengths at Avena. The story of BlackGrain began when we came up with a bold idea to create a new value-added food ingredient from rapeseed. I wanted show that it can be done – no matter what the doubters said or how impossible the novel food requirements seemed. Challenges inspire me. I find rapeseed a both excellent and demanding raw material to develop new types of food ingredients from.