BlackGrain From Yellow Fields FAQ

What is BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™?

It is a new innovation, a unique rapeseed powder that has received a favourable opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and has been approved as a novel food product by the European Commission. BlackGrain consists of 38% plant protein, 38% dietary fibre and 18% encapsulated rapeseed oil.

What is the difference between BlackGrain rapeseed powder and an isolate or a concentrate?

The protein content of the ingredient. Unlike an isolate or a concentrate, BlackGrain includes all three indispensable ingredients for nutritional food: protein, fibre, and essential fats. This 3-in-1 combination reduces the need for adding multiple separate ingredients into recipes.

What food products is BlackGrain suited for?

BlackGrain is an ideal ingredient for breakfast cereals and granolas, extruded starch-based snacks, meat substitutes (TVP), multigrain and rye bread and gluten-free brown breads. Its mild, malty and syrup-like taste makes it very versatile. Due to its naturally brown colour, BlackGrain may not be best suited for light-coloured food products.

Four tasty examples of food applications with BlackGrain

Is Apetit’s BlackGrain rapeseed powder a by-product of the rapeseed oil production?

BlackGrain ingredient is an upcycled product made of rapeseed side stream from oil milling process. Apetit utilises 100% of the rapeseed, turning the raw material into three products: rapeseed oil, BlackGrain powder ingredient, and rapeseed expeller.

How does BlackGrain ensure sustainability in its production chain?

Using existing resources instead of reaping new harvests creates no extra strain on the environment to manufacture new products. Additionally, cultivating rapeseed has an important diversifying effect on crop rotation. Our production process is environmentally sound, chemical-free, and certified according to ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.

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Rapeseed protein already has a novel food approval – why does rapeseed powder need an approval of its own?

Rapeseeds as such have not been consumed in significant amounts as food or as a food ingredient in the EU before May 1997. The composition of rapeseed powder is not equivalent with the approved specification of rapeseed protein and therefore needs its own novel food approval.

How much rapeseed powder can be used in breads, muesli, meat balls, veggie balls, and cereal bars?

The maximum amounts are as follows: multigrain and rye bread, gluten-free brown breads 7%, breakfast cereals and granolas 20%, meat substitutes 10%, and extruded starch-based snacks 20%. These amounts are presented in the novel food application as estimated intake of rapeseed powder.

Why is the added portion of rapeseed powder limited?

The recommended usage guidelines for BlackGrain in consumer food products establish the highest permissible quantities of rapeseed powder. According to our tests, a higher percentage of rapeseed powder brings no additional value to the product.

The recommended maximum quantity is based on the weight of the end product, considering factors like possible water retention or loss during production processes.

How does BlackGrain cater to dietary restrictions?

BlackGrain fits many challenging combination diets, such as gluten-free ketogenic. The versatile ingredient is gluten-free as well as vegan, allergen-free, legume-free, GMO-free, and low in FODMAPs.

What is the allergen status of the rapeseed powder?

Products with rapeseed powder should be labelled with the statement “this ingredient may cause allergic reaction to consumers who are allergic to mustard and products thereof” in close proximity to the list of ingredients. Rapeseed powder does not contain any mustard. Therefore, “mustard and products thereof” is not marked in the allergen list enclosed with the rapeseed powder specification intended for industrial customers.

How is BlackGrain connected to Apetit?

BlackGrain from YellowFields™ is developed by Apetit, Finland’s most significant producer of vegetable oils and rapeseed expeller. Founded in 1930, Apetit specialises in modern plant-based food solutions. Apetit’s long history and comprehensive product line ensure stability and longevity.

Where can I get BlackGrain?

For more information or a product sample, contact us here. BlackGrain is also available on our online storefront.


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