Extruded snacks, cereal bars and raw bars are convenient food products that fit the hectic lifestyles of many modern consumers. There is a growing preference for healthier and more sustainable food options, and product differentiation can be challenging. The nutritious BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™ offers a simple solution to cater to a demanding health-conscious market.

Consumers are combing grocery stores for cleaner labels – food products with fewer, if any, chemical additives or artificial colors, and a concise, carefully curated list of ingredients. As competition in the snack aisles is heavy, product differentiation calls for innovative ingredients and insight into the value that customers are after.

Say goodbye to palm oil – replace less beneficial fat sources with the sustainable rapeseed oil in BlackGrain

When the nutritious rapeseed powder is added to the snack bar mixture, other fat sources can be left out. BlackGrain is high in healthy unsaturated fat and has an optimal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

This makes it a significantly better option compared to other less healthy or less sustainable sources of fat that are widely used in snack bars, such as palm oil or coconut oil.

BlackGrain contains enough high-quality unsaturated fatty acids to fully replace any other fat that would normally be added to the product.

The mild-tasting rapeseed powder ingredient blends in easily and doesn’t increase sugar content

BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™ has a naturally mild malty and syrup-like taste that doesn’t interfere with the desired flavour of the final product. The ingredient combines well with starches like rice, barley, corn, and oats and does not increase the sugar content in the final product.

The raw bars were tested in a demo kitchen. They were very well received, and the panel couldn’t detect the taste of BlackGrain even in all-raw snacks with minimal processing.

A clean label and minimal processing appeal to modern health-conscious consumers

The idea behind BlackGrain is to make food production – and people’s lives – better and simpler. The ingredient offers a unique 3-in-1 combination of protein, dietary fibre, and beneficial fats. This means less components in your snack bar recipe.

Instead of adding one ingredient for more protein, another to enhance fibre content and a third one for optimal fats, you can use this single versatile rapeseed powder ingredient to develop your recipe in a more consumer-friendly direction.

BlackGrain from Yellow Fields™ also meets a wide range of dietary requirements. Read a professional dietitian’s analysis of the ingredient!

The sky is the limit – BlackGrain presents countless possibilities for food innovators

BlackGrain is not the kind of additive you need to try to hide or disguise in your food product. A pure and sustainable unprocessed ingredient can help your product to stand out and even serve as a selling point.

Depending on the producer’s vision and the snack product at hand, anything up to 20% of BlackGrain can be added to the mix without compromising on taste or texture. With this amount, for example, you can easily achieve the claims “high in protein” and “high in fibre” – both in the same bar.

The rest is up to your food innovating imagination.

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